kid’s too young using social media

What were you doing when you were 10,11,12, and 13 years old? I know what I was doing, playing with pokemon cards, and being excited to play dodgeball in gym class. Well, fast forward a decade or so, and the average 13 year old is now equipped with a smart phone, tablet, and laptop computer. It is because of the ease of accessibility, kids are using the social media sites like never before.

Facebook restricts minors below the age of 13 from using their site. To get around this, kids from all around the globe are creating e-mail addresses with or without the help or consent of parents and creating Facebook profiles. Keep in mind, Facebook now allows anyone with an e-mail address to register on their site, not like the good ol’ days when you needed a college e-mail. A site I stumbled across called Minor Monitor, claims that 38% of kids on Facebook are under the age of 13! Which is pretty crazy, but then they went on to say that 40 out of every 1,000 children on Facebook are six years old or younger, which completely blew my mind.

According to a CNN article, Facebook has already started to take charge of the issue of underage user-ship. They’re apparently throwing out 20,000 underage users per day. Facebook is also testing out several features and functionalities that would allow parents control over child accounts. Features include: linking a child’s account to the parent so it can be monitored and controlled, allowing parents to decide who connects with their child, and access to any applications or games.

I still believe young children should not be allowed to use social media sites, but if a parent is allowing them, I feel these features would make it much safer for the children, and maybe eliminate some of them from using it all together, because if those kids are anything like my 13 year old brother he wouldn’t want my mom anywhere near his Facebook.

1 thought on “kid’s too young using social media

  1. It seems like a pretty sticky subject. Not being a thirteen-year-old myself, I’m not sure exactly how prevalent it is, but I’m pretty sure not being on FB or another SM site might leave you as somewhat of a social pariah among one’s peers.

    I don’t think SM sites are bad, or even inherently dangerous for young people, but the threats of older “predators” or online bullying have to be taken into account.

    Maybe instead of restricting access, perhaps the answer (since kids are likely to get onto these sites anyways, god knows I got onto sites i NEVER should have when I was that age!) is to help protect kids from these threats, and for kids to be able to go to their parents when questionable situations arise.

    Of course, I have no answers as to how to do that. But maybe some of these links do.

    And here’s a good reason why to pay attention to this:

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